Press about Davis Schneiderman for Highland Park City Council

Davis Schneiderman in the news: 

--Schneiderman for City Council (Patch and Daily North Shore). Peggy Laemle, current Chair of our City’s Transportation Commission and co-chair of our Bike-Walk Advisory Group.

"It is my great pleasure to endorse Davis Schneiderman to fill the remaining two years of Paul Frank’s term on our City Council. Community vitality (retaining strong business districts, vibrant neighborhoods and our City’s unique architecture), walkability, and health for residents and our environment have been my core beliefs in over 40 years of community action, and I have seen these values mirrored in Davis’ community engagements."

--Schneiderman is an "independent voice, a critical thinker" as well as "charismatic orator, and a welcoming personality," says letter (Patch and Daily North Shore). Dr. Loren Schechter, the multitalented surgeon and community organizer 

--Schneiderman is "an independent voice of reason," and is "not afraid to question assumptions and point out flaws."  (Patch, 2/12/17, Daily North Shore 3/4/17). Ed Brill, former TribLocal and Highland Park Patch writer 

"Character counts in Highland Park and from my discussions with Davis, I find that he possesses those traits that all of us want in representative government."

--Davis Schneiderman "has worked hard on critical issues important to Highland Park, while always working together with others. He is committed to cooperation and collaboration." (Patch, 2/17/17),

"Davis cares about community, walkability, and business development, and these issues matter greatly to my neighbors and me"

--Thoughtful, appropriate, and fiscally responsible." Schneiderman is the right choice for Highland Park City Council. (Patch, 2/10/17)

"It is my sincere hope that the residents of Highland Park will welcome a new face to the City Council, and one that puts public interest ahead of his own."

--Meet HP’s Candidates & Incumbents (Daily North Shore, 12/30/16)

“I have learned more from knocking on doors, participating in coffees and public debates, and talking with the people who make up our community than I ever could by merely sitting in a room,” Schneiderman said. 

--Highland Park mayor fills vacant city council seat (Chicago Tribune, 12/8/16)

"Schneiderman is a professor of English at Lake Forest College and associate dean of the faculty. He currently is a member of the Steering Committee of the Reconfiguration 2.0 Team that is working on a school reorganization plan for North Shore School District 112."

--Three file for open Highland Park council seat (Chicago Tribune, 11/29/16)

"I'm a political newcomer with a simple platform — listening," Schneiderman said. "As a community organizer and member of the Reconfiguration 2.0 steering committee, I believe that consensus is the key to good government."

--Meet Highland Park’s D-112 Launch Team (Daily North Shore, 5/17/16)

"The opposition coalesced around a collective feeling of frustration, but was able to turn that frustration into action during the election. Now, we have a chance to turn that energy into a different form of collective action.”

--Dist. 112 to form new reconfiguration panel after referendum defeat (Chicago Tribune, 5/5/16)

"Superintendent Michael Bregy has selected six referendum activists on both sides of the question to help get the new school reorganization study panel off the ground."

--We're Just Not There Yet' on 112 Referendum: Letter (Patch, 3/11/16).

"On March 16th, we need to come together as a community to find a way forward. If this fails, we must be ready to work with D112 and referendum supporters to develop a plan the community will pass. We’re not there yet, but I’m optimistic about the future." 

Selected Regional/National:

--Still Thinking In Pictures: A Conversation With Temple Grandin (Huffington Post, 9/20/16)

"That’s amazing. From what I’ve read of your growing up as a someone on the autism spectrum, it sounds like you had parents who were committed to getting you the help you needed. What do you think is different today about the way people deal with an autism diagnosis, from when you were a child?"

--Cover story on the legacy of the Grateful Dead (Ravinia Magazine, June 2016)

--Courage is Contagious: A Conversation with the ACLU’s Ben Wizner (Edward Snowden's lawyer) (Huffington Post 10/25/15)

"As one of Snowden’s lawyers and also as a public advocate for these concerns, your job is to help further raise awareness about mass surveillance, but also to represent your client. Do you envision a way that he will be able to come back to the United States?"

--Texting Isn’t the Problem: A Conversation With Sherry Turkle About Reclaiming Conversation (Huffington Post, 10/05/15)

"I find that there’s all sorts of power relations embedded in the questions of when a person takes out his or her phone in the presence of someone else. If the phone owner thinks it is a casual social interaction then — boom — the thing is out."

--(One Generation) Beyond Good and Evil: A Conversation with Rebecca Makkai (Harpers, 2013)

"I’m a distant relative of baseball player Hank Greenberg, and while I will bring it up to rabid baseball fans on occasion, I never feel obligated to mention it once someone tells me they like the Detroit Tigers."

--College Success Tips (Chicago Tonight, 2011)

"You may have been taught that books should be read and replaced on the shelf, but your most powerful note-taking weapon is to mark your textbooks with notes, questions, highlights, and underlines. Students who learn to be active readers will most easily conquer difficult material."

--My Type Doesn’t Know Who I Am: An Interview with John Waters (The Nervous Breakdown, 2011)

"You’ve written that it would be hard to be shocking today. Have you ever considered doing so ironically, by making an earnest romantic comedy or making another low-budget DIY film?"

--Nation of adults who will write like children? (CNN, 2011)

"Imagine 'John Hancock' typed in an 18-point Times New Roman font. The proud fury behind his oversized signature would be lost."

--Concept of original content is pure fiction (Chicago Tribune, 2008)

"Originality is thus a legal reality, but also a creative fiction. Our art, sometimes explicitly and sometimes quietly, continues to be made by us all."

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